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- Kenneth Wood, P.E.
President of Land Planning


The Water Resources Department at PEC+ specializes in local stormwater issues from conceptual planning to design and all the way through construction.

Our staff of engineers is exceptionally trained and involved in national stormwater and engineering organizations. We are proud to be able to offer our clients with direction on the most up-to-date software and construction techniques as well as guidance on permitting issues with state and federal agencies.

In 2014, PEC+ designed over 40 stormwater BMP’s and over 8 miles of storm pipe.

PEC has recently completed flood analysis on a number of local projects. Large projects such as the Riverview Landing mixed used development required updating the existing flood model for approximately 1.2 miles along the Chattahoochee River with field run topographic information. Smaller stormwater projects such as the the Gwinnett Braves Stadium involved a floodplain, floodway and scour analysis of a proposed bridge leading to the stadium.


• Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
• Regional Detention Analysis
• Floodplain Mitigation
• FEMA Flood Analysis
• State and Federal Permitting
• Stream Restoration and StreambankStabilization
• Green Infrastructure and LID Design
• Culvert Replacement Design /Analysis

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