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- Kenneth Wood, P.E.
President of Land Planning


As a division of Planners and Engineers Collaborative, Root Zone Tree Consultants specializes in providing high performance arborist solutions.

We are focused on arborist consulting for land developers, civil engineers, landscape architects, general contractors, property managers and institutions.


• Specimen Tree Reports
• Tree Risk Assessments
• Planting Plans
• Tree Inventories and Surveys
• Prescriptions for Trees of HighValue Impacted by Development


In the Greater Atlanta area an ISA Certified Arborist is required to assess and report on existing trees before a land development permit will be issued.

Our reports include:
• Inventory of Specimen, Significant, and Landmark Trees
• Unique ID Number Attached to the Tree
• Tree Metrics: Botanical Name, Heigh, DBH, Canopy Spread and Condition
• Tree Location
• Site Conditions
• Jurisdictional Requirements
• Level of Assessment
• Photo Evidence

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