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- Kenneth Wood, P.E.
President of Land Planning


Our team of landscape architects not only provides a broad number of services for our clients, but also strives to exceed their expectations in design. At PEC+, Landscape Architecture (LA) is a broad field with many facets.

Our design process begins with conceptual site design and land planning. The landscape architecture team in conjunction with our civil engineering team produces land plans for single-family and multi-family residential, mixed-use, commercial and institutional uses. Once the conceptual framework is approved and ready for engineering, the LA team revisits the design to produce detailed hardscape and soft scape plans with an emphasis on tree preservation and replacement. Our LA team includes a certified Arborist that can provide tree reports as needed by our clients to provide accurate tree preservation and replacement plans for their projects. The LA team also produces renderings of conceptual site plans in elevation and perspective. Our renderings help convey the intent and aesthetics of the conceptual site design and layout.


• Decorative Courtyards & Patios
• Outdoor Lighting Design
• Planting Plans
• Pool Area Design
• Waterfalls and Waterscapes
• Entry Area Design
• Sign and Sign Monument Design
• Street Scapes

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